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*. This complete set is designed for multi-purpose of ironing system,boiler, suction table and steam iron in one unit, thereby independent, easily movable and fully automatic.
*. It's so proper to be applied to the small space as sample room, sewing lines, finishing department.
*. It's so easy to operate that anybody who is not skilled at technics will have no problem to maintain.
*. It's free the manufacturing process from interruption in case of  technical troubles that might occur to the general boiler.
*. Recycled water from iron is utilized for pre-heating of supplied water. It is fed into boiler again by the means of automatic water supply process. It will save power along with a constant pressure at all time.
*. Vacuum table with built-in Heat Exchanger, wherein:
   - Steam not yet condensed after passing the iron is driven to the heat exchanger for complete condensation therein.
    - Characterized in that the heat exchanger is arranged within the vacuum table such that a part of the power of hotwater warms up the vacuum table.
   - The heat exchanger is of the type of double shell.
NOTE: All of the above specifications was granted a PATENT FOR UTILITY SOLUTION by The Ministry of Science and Technology Of Vietnam - National Office Of Industrial Property. No.317 Dated December 12,2002.

5 kw
Power consumption
5 kw/h
4 kg/cm2
Rated steam output
5 kg/h
Suction Area
1000 x 700
Power Supply
220V/1Phase or 380V/2phase

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